What is a small wordpress support task?

Please read this to understand about what a small-quick wordpress task I Include.

Small is subjective. But I’m doing my best to help wordpress website owners to grow their businesses still keeping development and maintenance costs low.

As a professional my focus is doing small wordpress tasks really quick without compromising with quality. Small is anything that I define it can be completed within one hour.

There certainly is a limit to what I can handle in 1 hour!

With the endless diversity of quick worpdress fixes, it is not possible to create specific list of small task. However below are some off the most common types of tasks that are included and not included.



Small design, style and CSS changes
Small graphic editing
Quick configurations
Theme Configuration Changes
Plugin Configuration Changes
Small HTML and JavaScript Updates
Forms fixes and modifications
Migration to another another domain or host.
Recover Admin Password
Social Media Setup


Not Included:

Responsive design
Plugin development
Complete Theme Installation/Setup
Unknown or poorly specified fixes
Logo, icon or vector image creation
Full page redesigns, integrations


What if I’m not sure or I got it wrong?

I deliver an end-to-end service where every Order is moderated and looked at. If you end up asking for too much (which I don’t encourage as it will slow down the experience) I will contact you and advise of how to edit it down or if you still need the Task done the extra time / cost needed to deliver it.